Build a Time & Temp Message in PV11

PV11 uses the Dynamic Data Editor to create time and temp messages. The time is processed on the signs computer, the temperature is taken from a temperature probe, located at or near the signs location. If you do not have a temperature probe, but you have internet you can still put the current temperature using the “Yahoo Weather” option in the Dynamic Data Editor. In this blog we will assume we have a temp probe.

Video Tutorial:



Step 1: In PV go to the Content tab and click on the “Create Dynamic Image” button.



Step 2: Give your message a name and choose the format.

Step 3: The first thing we do inside the Dynamic Data Editor is “Load background image.” Navigate your computer for a .jpg file and click open. If the image is already sized for the sign (recommended) then just click Apply. You can also click the Fit to Display to re-size the image to fit the sign. Keep in mind that this will distort most images unless they are close to your sign Matrix (pixel width and height).

Step 4: Now with the background in place, we need to “Add” a text a layer. Give the Text item a name and click Add.


Step 5: You can move the text around just by clicking and dragging. To edit the text, use the Text box to type your text. For time use the macro [time] and for temp [temp]. These macro’s will tell the computer and the sign what to display and where to get the information. You can also change the font, the size and the color to work best with your sign.


Step 5.5 (optional): You can also use the Yahoo Weather option to grab the current temperature, forecast, or other weather data. Instead of adding the text with [temp], add the Yahoo Weather option. Then simply input your zip code (US codes only). To refresh the editor with the data, click the “Quick Refresh” button.


Step 6: Click the Exit button when finished. This will automatically save the .DD2 file to your Content Library.



Did you know?

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How to make a Countdown in Pv11

Pv11 can add dynamic text for a countdown message. You can use the built-in background color option, or create a background image/animation using a third-party program (ex. Adobe After Effects or Photoshop)

Follow these steps for a simple countdown message. Once you get a handle on how the feature works, you can customize your countdown even further.

Step 1: In Pv11, go to the Content Tab and select “Create Dynamic Image.”



Step 2: Import a Background Image/Animation (or simply add a background color if desired)

Step 3: Add the “Countdown” option.




Step 4: Check the show box for Days, Hours, Minutes, and/or Seconds. Also check any other box option you may want, like Show if 0, or Calculate.


Step 5: Now you will want to change the font, the color, size, and position of the text.  You can use various symbols for separators.

Step 6: (optional) Text when completed will show after the countdown is finished.


Save and Exit and the .DD2 will be saved in the content library.

You will still need to schedule this message in a schedule or your play list.

We noticed that using spaces as separators isn’t supported in all the versions of Pv11. So we have a little note for you if this is the case.

First: Follow steps 1-3 above. Then add four countdown data layers. (Day, Hour, Min, and Sec.) So you will end up having four countdown layers.

Second: Follow the steps above for setting the countdown, repeat for Day, Hour, Min, and Sec countdowns.  You will want to set the countdown Date/Time and check the Calculate boxes for the options  before the one you are currently on.  (ex: Hours; check the show box, and pad with 0 and show if 0. Then check the Calculate box in Days.)  For Days you only need to show.



This feature is only available in Pv11.