XPB-16 (112×48-SF)|16.5 mm Outdoor LED Signage

Key Features
• Front Ventilation • Integrated Light Sensor • Low Profile Design
• Ease of Installation • Step Edge Design • Durability

Pixel Pitch 16.5 mm
Dimensions (WxH) 112x48
Brightness 9000 nit
Contrast Ratio 11,000 : 1
Color temperature 6,500K -D65
Refresh rate 49,920hz
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
Low Profile Design
XPB Series’ cabinet increases the aesthetics of
the display by reducing the visual presence of the
cabinet. At only 5” deep, the display integrates
withing the surrounding structure; to put is simply,
viewers see the message, not the cabinet.
Front Ventilation
The XPB Series’ unique ventilation system has air
intake and exhaust all through the front face of the
display. This removes the burden of side and rear
air flow requirements. This critical innovation allows
for flush mounting of the cabinet within a structure
without any extra venting requirement.
Step Edge Construction
XPB Series’ unique cabinet shape creates greater
flexibility for installation. Power and data lines
can be routed from either side of the display. The
proprietary channel design allows for recessed,
flush, and back to back mounting — without extra
space for wiring runs.
Ease of Installation
XPB Series displays have captive mounting points
integrated in the wall structure of the display;
providing easy attachment points, and creating a
seamless installation into the surrounding structure.
Bezel Mounted Light Sensor
A factory installed light sensor in the cabinet bezel
reduces on-site installation time, and further allows
the display to harmonize within the site without
distracting external sensors and wiring.
Cloud Based Management
An essential component of the XPB Series offering, the Banner Content Management Solution
(Banner CMS) platform enables users to conveniently create and share custom messaging
across their display network. Banner CMS is compatible with a range of personal devices
and content file formats, introducing a new range of LED-ready visual possibilities for
content managers. Additionally, users can leverage the Banner CMS platform’s centralized
management hub to update and schedule content and monitor overall operational performance
in a single location.

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