IF060H-D (Pixel pitch 6)|6 mm Indoor LED Signage

P6 / superior picture quality and high-versatility potential

Pixel Pitch 6 mm
Dimensions (WxH) 480x720 mm
Brightness 1,800 nit / 1,200 nit
Contrast Ratio 7,500:1 / 5,000:1
Color temperature 6,500K
Refresh rate Selectable
Operation Conditions
LED Lifetitme 100,000 hours

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Key Features
Superior picture quality with LED HDR technology
Samsung’s IF-D Series displays leverage strict Scene Adaptive HDR technology to create a comfortable, uniform long-term viewing arena. This includes specialized inverse tone mapping that analyzes and optimizes gradation and brightness levels within individual scenes while also eliminating shine.
Advanced design expanding composition possibilities
The IF-D Series’ advanced design includes eye-catching convex* and concave curved configurations (up to 6,000R). Additionally, businesses can align their IF-D Series displays on an incline or adhere them to a ceiling**, opening new engagement possibilities regardless of environmental constraints.
* Convex designs are only available for the IF025H-D, IF040H-D and IF060H-D models.
** Inclined or ceiling installations are only possible with the IF040H-D and IF060H-D models.

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