Norris-Penrose Event Center

The Norris-Penrose Event Center is very happy with our new acquisition of the EMC sign from YESCO. The power of digital signage is incredible. Although, due to local restrictions we have to keep our messaging static, the effectiveness of the EMC has been truly remarkable. It not only has become an additional revenue source for the facility in the form of increased sponsorship’s but has created new and unexpected efficiencies. We no longer receive the multitudes of phone calls regarding our event schedules allowing me and my office staff to work on productive endeavors. Additionally we are seeing larger participation in our events specifically those that are not marketed. I attribute these increases to the sign. We have wanted and needed a sign like this for a long time and we are very thankful to YESCO for working so diligently on the variances and jumping through hoops to meet the tough deadlines. You came through for us and we are eternally grateful!

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