Tips and Tricks

Use as Few Words as Possible

The longer the text, the smaller it will be on the LED display and the harder it will be to read. Text should be visible and readable from as far away as possible. If a lot of text is needed, simply create one video with half of the required text and then create a second video using the same project with the remaining text. Then play both videos back to back so that it completes the message. This is the biggest and most common problem that we see on LED displays. The fewer words the better. Instead of a huge amount of text, try using just the headline of the promotion with possibly one key point of the event and then use the phrase, "See dealer for details" or "See inside for details". This helps viewers quickly see the event or promotion that is trying to be advertised and where to find more info.


The Possiblities are Endless

If you don't like how your project turned out the first time, feel free to try again and again. There are many ways to style the templates on the Creative Engine and make it your own. Whether you're just starting your business and need to get noticed, a small-town company looking to expand, or a large corporation, the Creative Engine is the place for you! The possibilities are truly endless!


Optimize Your Content

If you have a long rectangular shaped display, be sure that when using a logo you use a variant of that logo that is long and rectangular in shape to more closely match your display. This ensures that your content is optimized for the display and gives it the best look.



Unlike JPEG files which generate whitespace to fill the background, a PNG file has the ability to preserve the transparency of the image. Using PNG logos with transparent backgrounds will make your videos much better and more professional. If you already have your logo in a PNG format, we would recommend using it in the Creative Engine. To convert a jpeg image to a PNG that supports transparency will require some image editing software in order to take out the white background. This can be done without expensive software. Free programs like GIMP or are capable of doing this kind of editing. We would recommend searching YouTube for tutorials on how to achieve this.


Cropping Logos

Some logo images have a large amount of blank space around the logo. It is best to crop out the blank space from the image before it is uploaded to the Creative Engine. This will allow the logo to fill more of the image and therefore fill more of the space on the LED display. It might be best to maintain a small border of blank space around the logo. Trial and error is the best way to accommodate these preferences. These edits can be done by using any image editor software. GIMP or are some good free options. We would recommend searching YouTube for tutorials on how to crop images.


Choosing Your Colors

When choosing colors, it is best to use colors that have good contrast. Dark backgrounds with bright colored text are usually best. It is also best practice to use good color combinations, like blue and yellow or purple and pink, etc. Using darker backgrounds and contrasting brighter text will make the text easier to read and make your messages look more professional. We recommend searching the internet for 'contrasting colors' or 'complimentary colors' to better understand this design concept.


Changing Your Ads

It's always time to change the ads on your display! Your sign is the first impression you make on your valuable customers, so make it look awesome with the Creative Engine! Keep your display fresh and exciting with new content! What are you waiting for? Go create something awesome today!



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