How the CreativeEngine℠ Works

In brief, the CreativeEngine℠ is an online, template-based editor that allows the user to make changes to the examples shown in the gallery and receive the new ad based on that example in a matter of minutes. Try the hands-on example below or watch the short video on using the CreativeEngine℠. We know you are just going to love this!

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What is the CreativeEngine

  • An online, template-based, content creation utility
  • Can be used anywhere there is internet, smartphone optimized
  • Professional content customized in minutes
  • Includes stock media that is instantly available in a variety of sizes
video about the Creative Engine

The CreativeEngine℠ by Prismview, is an online template-based content creation utility with an ever increasing number of templates that the user is able to customize by changing the text, the colors, uploading images, and more. The customization is done through a simple online form that the user fills out and submits. Within minutes the new file is sent back to the user via an email link. The customization process is also optimized for smartphone use, so the user can submit requests from anywhere the internet is, not just the office. The CreativeEngine℠ is set to revolutionize the way display operators obtain content. The service is available by subscription and as single use.

How it Works

Each template in the gallery will show any number of the following icons indicating what parts may be customized. The icons include:

= Colors can be customzed.
= Has items that can be shown or hid.
= Is available as a still image.
= Text can be customized.
= Has the option to upload a custom image.
= Estimated render time.

The user simply browses through the examples, finds the one that has the desired look and feel, and clicks the example to begin the customization wizard. The wizard guides the user through the short customization process step by step. Within a few short clicks the customization options are complete and the user clicks submit. The user's request is processed and returned in record breaking time. Nowhere has this level of quality and sophistication been available to the average user. Complex 3D motion graphics, sparks, lense flares, camera shake, etc. are finally available to the average user without the cost of expensive software, nor the needed artistic training and ability. Truely, the CreativeEngine℠ puts the user in the driver's seat of creativity. Welcome to the future of content creation!

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