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Prismview's CreativeGroup specializes in creating top quality content for digital displays of all shapes and sizes. Every member of our team has years of experience making content that works specifically for LED signage and HDTVs. Watch this quick video that describes what the CreativeGroup does and see if they can help you make the most of your digital signage.

Prismview's CreativeGroup

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For many operators of digital displays, content for the display(s) was not something initially considered before buying one. In today's digital world, quality content is paramount to attracting customers to purchase products, attend events, develop customer/viewer relations, and much more.

Digital Display Best Practices

  • Frequent, Fresh, and Professional content
  • Sufficient time budgeted to manage the playlist of ads
  • Adequate understanding of design principles, proper layout, size constraints, etc.
  • Computer literacy—being comfortable using a computer and learning new programs
  • Prioritization of information—messages should be like a book cover, not the whole book

How CreativeCustoms help you

  • We know digital content. Our ads are professionally designed by those most familiar with digital displays of uncommon size and dimension
  • We free up your time. Our team designs for and schedules displays everyday, meaning we are accustom to the processes involved and can perform them quickly.
  • We save you money. Our prices are at or below the common rate for digital content creation of this magnitude. Plus, if your time is short, consider the benefit of hiring us to create the ad. Outsourcing all, or some, of your content needs to us can save money by reducing the overall time spent.

Typically, CreativeCustoms are done as part of a subscription, however they can also be done as a one-off purchase. Subscriptions  »  Learn More

One-off purchases are outlined below. Discount pricing is available for bulk orders and on retainer. Give us a call today!

  • Animations (w/o subscription)
  • $ 250*

  • *Pricing is for a single animation with a duration of around 5-15 seconds. Other restrictions may apply, see Terms for details. Custom pricing is available for multiple ads upon request.
  • Stills (w/o subscription)
  • $ 150*

  • *Pricing is for a single still image ad. Other restrictions may apply, see Terms for details. Custom pricing is available for multiple ads upon request.
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