• Ocean Odyssey Encounter – NatGeo, New York City, New York, USA


  • Ocean Odyssey Encounter – NatGeo, New York City, New York, USA

    National Geographic selected Prismview – A Samsung Electronics Company to supply a digital video solution for the new Ocean Odyssey Encounter near Times Square in New York City. Three exterior displays, directly above the front entrance, utilize tight-knit 8mm LED pixel spacing providing smooth and dynamic content. At over 11.5’ wide and almost 19’ tall, the primary display creates a window to the exhibit. Two upper story displays angle out from the building façade and light up the street below. These 6.5’ wide x 10’ tall displays complement the main display with attention grabbing brightness and superior image quality.
    Within the National Geographic Encounter, Prismview supplied two extremely high-resolution video displays. With only 2.5mm between LED pixels, these displays provide crisp, clear images and animations even when viewed at close distance. One of these immersive interior displays is 12.5’ wide and 7’ tall, and offers vivid, larger than life views of the Encounter. The final display is a jaw dropping video wall, 6,144 pixels wide x 864 pixels tall – larger than forty-eight 40” flat panel TVs.

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  • SSA Times Square – Pretoria, South Africa

    SSA Times Square selected Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Company as a supplier of two exterior LED displays at the destination in Pretoria, South Africa. The primary display consists of over 1.3 million pixels. At 51 feet wide and 31 feet tall, the display with 10mm pixel spacing, is the size of approximately three hundred and six 40” flat panel TVs. The secondary display, also utilizing 10mm pixel spacing, shines with over half a million pixels, and measures 31 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The building façade at the display locations presented challenges to the overall design and installation requirements of the each display. The walls curve at both display locations, and angle out through the height. These architectural elements created an opportunity for Prismview engineers to create a display with a convex shape and downward facing angle to complement the existing structure.

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  • El Obelisco – Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Company recently installed a new display near Plaza del Obelisco in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Perched atop a nearby building, the billboard is 47 feet wide and 28 feet tall. This massive display is the equivalent of two hundred and forty 40” flat panel TVs. Using nearly 300,000-premium LED pixels, the El Obelisco display delivers bright, dazzling messages across the popular plaza, and nearby streets. The 20mm pixel spacing provides crisp images and smooth animations for long distance viewing, while maintaining an efficient power to brightness ratio. Prismview is excited for the continued growth of international markets.

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  • 28Sep 2017

    Utah Jazz Vivint Smart Home Arena Upgrade

    Prismview and the Utah Jazz have worked together to increase the digital signage at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Each of the twenty new displays use Prismview’s tight knit 6mm pixel resolution. Welcoming fans on game day, the new, three-sided wrap around front entrance display is 119 feet total length and made of over 2 million pixels. A 42 foot long ribbon display, suspended over the arena box office, communicates ticketing information, advertising, and future events. Within the basketball arena itself, 18 vomitory displays have been installed in the corners of the venue and over concourse entrances, supplementing existing ribbon and center hung displays.

  • (Updated) Baltimore Ravens Soar With NFL’s Best After Upgrading Video Boards

    The team is adding two 4K video displays, upgrading video-control room in first phase of a project to enhance fan experience… The new video displays, designed by PrismView – A Samsung Electronics Company, will occupy that location: below the upper level in each end zone. But, at 200 by 36 ft. each, they double the width of the old displays and give the RavensVision production team a significantly larger canvas. An LED ribbon display, circling the stadium at suite level, will also be added before phase one is completed in late July…

    Read the full Press Release on SVG News


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  • Prismview Appoints Don Szczepaniak as President and CEO

    Szczepaniak Joins Prismview to Drive Strategic Growth for LED Digital Signage

    LOGAN, UTAH, AUGUST 03, 2017 — Prismview, A Samsung Electronics Company, today announces the appointment of Don Szczepaniak as President and CEO. Szczepaniak will be responsible for setting the strategic growth plan and driving sales objectives for Prismview – a leading LED sign and display manufacturer.

    “As Prismview continues to deepen its relationships with customers in the U.S. and abroad, it is critical for the company to have a leader with industry experience to ensure both quick wins and long-term success,” said YounSik Kim, Vice President of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “Don has proven expertise in delivering quality results and is a strong leader. We look forward to his contributions as we continue to address the evolving needs of our customer base.”

    “I am honored to join the Prismview and Samsung family and look forward to the opportunities we have to expand our global footprint,” said Don Szczepaniak, President and CEO of Prismview. “The company was built on a foundation of innovation and continues to push boundaries in the marketplace, further reinforcing our leading position in the digital display industry.”

    Szczepaniak joins Prismview from Panasonic, where he held several leadership roles over a 30 year span. He most recently held the role of Executive Vice President of the Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

    Media Contact:
    Brenna Eller
    (Corporate Communications – US)

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  • Prismview on Broadway

    Sunglass Hut

    Prismview recently installed an impressive display in Times Square. Located at the corner of Broadway
    and 45 th Street, the new display has 10mm pixel spacing, and boasts nearly 2.5 million pixels. The screen
    was custom manufactured and installed for Sunglass Hut. The display features a borderless 90 degree
    joint, allowing the sections to operate independently, or as a continuous wrap-around image. At 82’
    wide and 35’ tall, the sign is able to compete for the attention of approximately 50 million annual
    visitors in one of the most visually stimulating sites in the world.

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  • Samsung Illuminates Dehli’s National Science Centre

    National Science Centre

    Prismview – A Samsung Electronics Company, recently completed installation of a digital
    display in a new market. The National Science Centre, Delhi commissioned a new 8 foot wide by
    14 foot tall digital display to shine above the main entrance to the facility. Since 1992, the Centre
    has been dedicated to “the popularization of science among the people of the northern part of
    India in general and among the students in particular.” As Prismview’s first installation in India,
    Prismview is excited for the opportunity to provide the display that will welcome more than half
    a million visitors annually to the exciting, interactive museum. With brilliant colors and smooth
    animations, Prismview’s displays are distinctive in the industry. A local representative
    commented, “In India we have a large population of Chinese made displays. This one just
    stands out.” With this installation, Prismview looks forward to increasing its presence in the
    international marketplace.

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  • Prismview working with our Community


    20160909_1802231-1920  20160909_1802521-1920

    Neighborhood Housing Solutions, a Utah based Non-profit organization, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.  They approached Prismview for support at the party to honor the non-profit and the families they serve. Prismview coordinated, delivered and set up a huge, 18’ wide x 10’ tall, high resolution LED video display as part of the event. This enabled Neighborhood Housing Solutions to show a presentation of their history as well as a fully animated movie. Over the past 20 years, Neighborhood Housing Solutions has assisted more than 2500 low-income families secure housing throughout Utah, including the construction of 373 new single family homes, assisting in the purchase of 157 homes for families with disabilities, improvement of 94 existing homes, and construction of 289 units in Multi-family structures. Prismview is proud to partner with organizations like Neighborhood Housing Solutions that are committed to providing such wonderful support for our community.

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  • Is outdoor digital signage eco-friendly?

    Sept. 23, 2016 | by Daniel Waldron

    Is your business eco-conscious? Are you unsure if outdoor digital signage is eco-friendly? Perhaps this will solve your dilemma.

    You’re considering upgrading from print-based advertising to digital advertising. You’ve already made the transition to online, but the problem is you’re not reaching the customer on the ground — those customers who enjoy a visit to Main Street or the shopping malls.

    The only way you know how to reach them is by using posters or billboards, which require huge amounts of paper and create even more waste, which is a black mark against your business in these eco-friendly times.

    You’ve looked at outdoor digital signage as a solution and perhaps created an “objection list.” Perhaps that list looks something like this:

    • digital signage costs too much;
    • it’s too much effort to maintain; and
    • my business is too small to go digital.

    You’re asking the wrong question about outdoor digital signage…

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